concerto for haegeum
and Korean traditional orchestra
or Western orchestra (2012) 13′

  • Premiere Date:
    Sept. 17, 2014
  • Performers:
    Soo Yeon Lyuh, haegeum
    Busan National Gugak Orchestra
    Sung-taek Kwon, conductor
  • Location:
    Busan, South Korea
Excerpts performed by Seoul National University Traditional Orchestra: 김은영 (Kim Eun-young) haegeum, 임재원 (Lim Jae-won) conductor

Program Note

The title for this concerto alludes to the inspiration for its composition. “Verses” refers to the Korean poems (sijo) that inspired each movement. Each of these poems shares the common theme of water, and the piece is meant to evoke water in all its forms, from calm rippling surfaces to frozen landscapes to intense churning waves.


Verses: for haegeum and Korean traditional orchestra

Price: $20.00

Format :

Verses: for haegeum and Western orchestra

Price: $20.00

Format :

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