alto saxophone and piano
(2010) 18′

Program Note

Nocturnal is a series of five night portraits, each taking place at different times throughout the evening. The first scene, “Voices in the night (with bell tolling in the distance),” begins with the piano ringing the hours while the saxophone sings a syncopated melody above. The second portrait, “Staring at the traces of passing headlights,” has the sax and piano working together in portraying a busy street scene. After a third-movement bout with “Insomnia” comes “Howling,” which gives the saxophone a chance to connect with its inner primal side. The piece finishes with a scene of “Phosphorescent fireflies” filling the night sky with points of light before day breaks.

This piece is written for Todd Yukumoto, who premiered the piece in Fall 2010.


Available on Todd Yukumoto and Carla McElhaney’s “Nocturnal” CD:

I. Voices in the night (with bell tolling in the distance)

II. Staring at the traces of passing headlights

III. Insomnia

IV. Howling

V. Phosphorescent fireflies



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