Singing Through the Endless Night (동짓달 기나긴 밤을)

gayageum and string quartet (with or without double bass)
(2012) 9′



included on 그리고 그리다 II by Seul Gi Lee

included on 낙이불류 – Beyond the Gayageum by Seul Gi LeePurchase

Singing Through the Endless Night

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이슬기 (Lee Seul Gi), gayageum; 조은기 (Cho Eun Gi), violin; 서진희 (Seo Jin Hee), violin; 홍수정 (Hong Soo Jeong), viola; 장유진 (Jang Yoo Jin), cello

Singing Through the Endless Night is written for Seul Gi Lee, who suggested the inspiration for the work. She introduced me to a poem by one of Korea’s most noted poets, Hwang Jin-i, which may represent some of her best-known verses.

In response to the poem, which is filled with a sense of longing but also one of hope, I have composed a piece in two parts. The first half of the work has the gayageum singing and lamenting over a string chorale. Then, after an extended gayageum solo passage, the second half focuses on the anxiety and excitement of anticipation, with faster tempos and energized textures. The piece ends with a brief recollection of the string chorale, now presented in a much different light.

This piece was written for and dedicated to Seul Gi Lee.

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