Over the past four years, the Busan National Gugak Center Orchestra, a traditional ensemble that was led for years by conductor Kwon Sung-Taek (권성택) has presented a series of concerts entitled “Respect for Tradition.” Each of these programs features new works that are in some way connected to or inspired by the Korean traditional repertory. This is the second time I’ve composed a piece for this series, the first being a concerto grosso titled Aura that was based on an ajaeng sanjo. This time around I was asked to compose a daegeum concerto, one based on one of the most well-known pieces of Korean court music, Sujecheon. The result of this was Eternity (영원), which was premiered by the orchestra in 2017 with Jung Sung-hun soloing and Christopher Lee conducting.

The recording of the work has recently been released by the Busan National Gugak Center, and you can find an excerpt below. Thanks to the orchestra Kwon Sung-Taek, Christopher Lee, and Jung Sung-hun for their efforts in bringing the CD together.