The chimera of classical music ensembles, Drumpetello, has released their debut CD recording featuring premiere recordings of four new works. Because of the lack of repertoire for the unique ensemble (trumpet, percussion, cello), the group commissioned four composers to write works for them in 2015. The twist here is that the commissions all were to be based on some element of folklore or mythology of Mexico. The trio are all faculty members at Texas A&M University—Corpus Christi, which is located in an area rich in Mexican culture, and they wanted the sort of pieces they could take with them on outreach visits to local schools. The results of these initial commissions can be heard in this new recording, “The Beginning of Everything.”

My own piece, sharing its title with the CD itself, is included on the recording, along with works by Lauren Bernofsky, Matthew Schoendorff, and James M. Stephenson. The Beginning of Everything is based on the Mayan creation myth, and follows the tale of how the earth, animals, insects and ultimately Man were made. The whole CD sounds terrific, and it’s available here from Summit Records or in the usual online streaming services.

Thanks to Matthew McClung (percussion), Carrie Pierce (cello) and Mary Thornton (trumpet) for their fantastic performances, and for putting all this together.