This fall, gayageum soloist Jiyoung Yi released a monumental collection of recordings, completing a multi-year recording project. The anthology, “비단나비” (“Silk Butterfly”) contains six CDs, each focusing on a particular genre of music, from court music to contemporary works. It’s on this last CD that one of my own works is featured.

In 2009 I composed my first piece for a Korean instrument for Prof. Yi, a set of miniatures for gayageum titled Pieces of the Sky, and she has included these pieces in the collection. Here are some samples from the recording:

I. Some blind girls ask questions of the moon

II. Your illusion, sun, is to make the garden turn technicolor

III. Beneath the tender protest of the stars

IV. Singing, the Seven Maidens

Also included on the CD are excellent performances of works by Chou Wen-Chung, Chung Il-Ryun, Kim Dae-seong, and Donald Reid Womack.

If you’re interested in the CD set, it’s not currently available outside of Korea but you may be able to order here.