This and That

concerto for percussion duo
with percussion ensemble (2010) 15′

IronWorks Percussion Duo (Dave Gerhart and Axel Clarke) with Cal. State-Long Beach Percussion Ensemble (Shota Hanai, conductor)

Program Note

The title of This and That refers both to the scoring of the piece (percussion duo and percussion ensemble) and to how the piece was composed.  Each of the three movements is scored for two different kinds of instruments.  The first movement, “Sticks and Stones,” has half the ensemble playing only wooden dowels, and the other half playing small stones.  The soloists also play sticks and stones, with one playing a set of tuned bowls with wooden sticks and the other striking stones against wood.  The second movement, “Mallets and Metals,” features a variety of metal instruments (chimes, cymbals, brake drums) and instruments played by mallets (vibraphone, marimba).  The third movement, “Drums and Drones,” is just that: long sustained pitches over a variety of drums, built as one long crescendo to the end.


This and That

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