Smoke, Steel, Stone, Cinder

for 15 players
(2005) 15′



Smoke, Steel, Stone, Cinder for 15 Players

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fl, ob, cl, bn, hn, tpt, tbn, 2 prc, pno, 2 vln, vla, vlc, db

I. Smoke

II. Steel

USC Contemporary Music Ensemble (Donald Crockett, conductor)

I’ve often found myself writing music inspired by the elements. Fire, ice, wind, water . . . all these have been the focus of recent works. This piece, too, was inspired by the elements: the elements of industry.

Smoke, Steel, Stone, Cinder is a series of portraits played without interruption. The piece begins with the strings painting the image of distant smoke rising to the sky. Cutting through all this smoke, the Steel movement begins the only way it should: fast and loud. And, barring a few less intense interjections, it stays that way. Then the quieter Stone portrait starts off with a series of insistent low swells, which alternate with more supple melodies. This moves directly into Cinder, in which the flute, oboe, trumpet and piano play some very short, semi-improvised licks. Soon thereafter, the rest of the ensemble enters with its own rhythmic fragments. As this music runs its course, something is remembered from the smoke at the beginning of the piece which causes the whole ensemble to join in playing that music – although at a much faster pace. Finally, the cinders return and bring the piece to a close.

Smoke, Steel, Stone, Cinder was commissioned by David Stock and the Duquesne Contemporary Ensemble, who gave the premiere in Pittsburgh in 2005.

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