four pianos
(2012) 6′

Program Note

The idea behind this piece was the sonic image of a lone piano playing in a deep canyon, with each pitch being bounced around in a constant echo. I've tried to recreate that sensation in this piece by having all the pianists play in canon. Every pianist plays essentially the same music, but at various delays. Additionally, each pianist who follows the first must play as an "echo," playing just a bit softer than the previous pianist. All of this creates a sort of human delay pedal which undergoes subtle changes as the piece continues.

Canyons was commissioned by Robert Pollock and Ebb & Flow Arts, Inc., and is dedicated to that organization which has kept new music flowing steadily in Hawai'i for many years.


Beatrice Scorby, piano
Robert Pollock, piano
Anne Ku, piano
Thomas Osborne, piano



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