A Spider Spinning Silk
(명주실 잣는 거미)

gayageum and geomungo
(2022) 8′



Score not yet available for purchase. Please contact me if you're interested in performing this piece.

In the natural world, the most beautiful phenomena are often tinged with danger. Waterfalls, volcanoes, and lightning all reveal Nature’s tendency towards contradiction, creating spectacles that – while pretty to look at – could easily kill you. The spider’s web, with its intricate, symmetrical design, certainly falls into this category. The spider builds its web purely out of instinct, innately understanding how to place anchor threads, how to build radial supports, and ultimately how to lay the sticky thread that will capture its prey. This process of a web’s construction is reflected the structure of this piece, and the two performers – each playing on silk strings – gradually build an elaborate design together, one that becomes ever more perilous as time passes.

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