Nocturne (야상곡)

geomungo and janggu
(2015) 9′

Heo Iksoo/허익수, geomungo/거문고
Kim Insoo/김인수, janggu/장구

Program Note

Five years ago I first heard the sound of a geomungo, an instrument that immediately struck me as unique – even among Korean instruments. Its deep, rich sound seems to particularly well-suited to express profound thoughts and to portray images of spaciousness. Nocturne is a series of portraits of the constellations. The first, Cepheus, portrays the regal king of Greek mythology sitting on his throne in thought. The second, Pegasus, depicts the galloping and flying horse of myth. The final portrait, Serpens, has the geomungo playing circular melodies, like the coiled shape of a snake.

Nocturne is dedicated to Ik-soo Heo.


Nocturne (야상곡)

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