Autumn Winds (가을 바람)

3 gayageums
(2016) 8′

Program Note

As a force, wind is both the most mysterious and the most mystical. It is a force affecting all living beings, one that may be gentle or powerful, but in spite of its ubiquity it is never seen and can never be touched. In this trio I explore the idea of wind, beginning with music inspired by the Aeolian harp, an instrument that resonates as the wind flows over its strings. This gentle music is eventually overtaken by faster, stronger passages that build to a swirling climax before the music of the Aeolian harp returns, while a lone voice sings above.

Autumn Winds is dedicated to Prof. Moon Jae-sook and her daughters, Lee Seulgi and Lee Ha-nui.


Autumn Winds (가을 바람)

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