A few days ago we arrived in Korea with a couple of suitcases, a meager knowledge of Korean language, and plenty of enthusiasm. We’ve spent the past few days trying to settle in for a year-long stay: I’m in Seoul as a Fulbright Research Scholar, where I’ll be focusing on writing music for Korean traditional instruments in combination with Western classical instruments. After eating some amazing food and spending time with friends and colleagues, things got off to a great start tonight with the premiere of a new piece of mine for Korean traditional instruments. “Dancing With Shadows,” for 2 groups of haegeums (Korean fiddles) and janggu (a Korean drum) was premiered at the 20th anniversary concert of the Haegeum Research Society. The performers did an excellent job and the entire concert was a success. Interestingly, of the 7 pieces on the concert, 4 were premieres and only 2 were older pieces. The final work, a court music piece, was performed by 70(!) haegeums. I had to take a photo… The other photos are of the performers who played my piece: 여수연, 이승희, 정다연, 노지연, 문선경, 안혜진, 강지은, 정겨운, and 서수복.