Kim Mu-Gil, geomungo
Jeollabuk-do Provincial Orchestra
Kwon Seong-Taek, conductor

This past fall I traveled to Jeonju, South Korea, to work with conductor Kwon Seong-Taek (권성택), geomungo soloist Kim Mu-Gil (김무길) and the Jeollabuk-do Provincial Orchestra (전라북도립국악원 관현악단). I’d been asked to write a new concerto based on Kim Mu-Gil’s geomungo sanjo, one in which he would perform the sanjo and the orchestra would play my music around and in between it. The result was Ascent (오름), which was premiered in November 2019 and released on the orchestra’s latest recording.

The recording also features music by Park Jeonkyu (박정규), Baek Sung-ki (백성기), Jeong Song-hi (정송희), Jeon Tae-joon (전태준), and Kim Baek-chan (김백찬).