July 6, 2012

Recording in the Ballroom

I recently returned from a trip to the Midwest, where I worked with pianist Derek Polischuk as he recorded the work I wrote for him last year. Since that piece, The Ends of the Earth, uses a number of extended techniques (the first movement is played almost entirely inside the piano), I was interested to see how it might be recorded. We went to Sergei Kvitko’s beautiful recording studio, located on the top floor of his late-1920s home in Lansing, Michigan. The studio is actually located in what was once a ballroom, one with surprisingly-beautiful acoustics. Thanks to Derek and Sergei for doing excellent work.

Below are some photos of the day-long session:

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  • Pat Brand July 7, 2012 at 2:58 pm Reply

    Amazing! I wasn’t aware of the talent he has! The generation he represents is truly talented (so many of them)

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